How long does it take to get my order?
As soon as we receive your order on our site, it's instantaneously transmitted to our shipping team where the address data is then automatically passed on to the delivery courier. In the meantime your products are carefully packed and boxed, ready for shipping. We aim to despatch all orders within 2-5 working days and delivery times are as follows: Russia: 1-2 weeks Ukraine: 1-2 weeks North America: 1-3 weeks Europe: 1-2 weeks Australia, New Zealand and Oceania: 2-3 weeks Asia Pacific: 2-3 weeks Latin America and the Caribbean: 1-4 weeks
How much does shipping cost?
Shipping charges is $10 to for worldwide shipping. We ship with Posta Moldovei.
Do you deliver to my country?
Unfortunately, we are currently unable to ship to Brunei, Tunisia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Gambia, Ghana, Peru, Rwanda, Lebanon, Pakistan and Vietnam. We hope to be able to ship to these countries again in the future.
Do you deliver to APO and BFO's?
Unfortunately we are unable to ship to APO or BPO addresses, we hope to change this at some point in the future.
What currency are your prices charged in?
Prices are charged in $ American Dollars. If you're refunded, this will also be in $ American Dollars. Any currency conversion is out of our control and done by your bank, card issuer or PayPal.
Can I use a different shipping address to my billing address?
The billing address must be linked to the credit card or payment provider you will be using when you will place the order. We would recommend shipping to the billing address however it is possible to ship to an alternative address.
My order was returned to sender?
You may have not paid the import duties or perhaps you were not at home for multiple delivery attempts? Unless we hear from you, your order will not be refunded minus the shipping cost.
Do you have a product warranty?
We endeavour to make goods that you can enjoy for a long time. We love if you use your product every day and we want it to be something you can't live without. But we also encourage you to take care of your SOTT goods and treasure them. Items that get heavy everyday use also wear down so they may need a small repair or clean now and again. In the unlikely event that something breaks within six months, please contact us immediately via so we can determine what has happened and find a solution.


Leather maintenance
The premium Italian leather we use does mark quite easily. If you discover a light surface mark on your leather product, this can be easily buffed away with a dry finger or soft cloth. When the leather gets wet it ages and hardens a little. First of all let the bag dry out naturally and not too close to direct heat. To get it soft again, you can use leather wax or oil you can find at your local leather smith or shoe shop. Every wax, balm or oil has a different effect so please apply on a small corner first. Our bags hold up really well in the rain but they are not waterproof. If you really want to waterproof the bag, you can use special spray. We recommend that you speak to a company in your local area that stocks the product to get their advice on the most suitable product for your needs.
Our leather
SOTT uses premium leather across the range of our products. As this is a natural material, it will soften and age over time.The influences of sun, oil and water develops a one of a kind patina on leather which makes every one of our products unique.
Are the bags heavy?
Although SOTT products are made with premium quality Italian leather, our bags have been designed so they are reasonably light for leather bags and weigh no more than around 1kg.
Help, there's a stain on my leather product!
Once a colour (eg. denim) or stain has transferred to the leather, it becomes tricky to get out. To try and remove a stain, we recommend using only a slightly damp soft cloth first. If this does not remove the stain, then try using a very small amount of transparent natural leather wax. Be aware that this will darken the leather so you'll find you need to wax the complete product. If you're not sure then take your product to a cleaning specialist. Personally, we like the ageing process that each product goes through. It's part of the charm - the patina development from exposure to sunlight, colour transfer from your favourite jeans, scuffs and marks from use. It's what makes each product unique to you. It changes with your lifestyle (whether that be kept pristine or get beaten up with use) and we believe in embracing the change rather than fighting it.
How do I look after the leather on my product?
A light surface mark can be buffed away with a dry finger or soft cloth. You'll see from your other products that the premium vegetable tanned Italian leather we use marks quite easily. However these marks can be rubbed away or left alone to add character to the ever-changing patina of the leather that makes it so unique. When the leather gets wet it ages and hardens a bit. To get it soft again you can use leather wax or oil. Every wax, balm or oil has a different effect so please apply on a small corner first.
The look of the leather is not what I was expecting?
If the appearance of the leather on your product is not exactly what you were expecting, please read on. We try our best to represent the leather as best we can with our photos, however, our premium Italian leather is a natural material and as such always has variation in colour, shade and grain in every single skin, making each of our products unique. We are unable to individually select products for specific orders based on the appearance of the leather in our photos.
There are stains on the back of the leather!
Our premium Italian leather is often hand-stained. What this means is that every single hide of leather is laid out on a tanning table and the colour is applied by hand, the back of the leather often picks up the dye from the table. This hand staining process is time-intensive and a traditional technique that ensures the absolute best results
How do I protect the suede on my product?
To protect suede from water, you can spray the surface with an impregnator. If you do happen to get the unprotected surface wet - don't worry, just dab it dry with a cloth and leave to dry away from direct heat. Any dirt or dust can be brushed away with a very soft brush.